Joyful Holiday Combination (Everything Stacking Box Combo)

Joyful Holiday Combination (Everything Stacking Box Combo)


A Joyful Holiday will be had by all with this assortment of BNutty peanut butter & holiday flavors,  Joyful Holiday Stacking Boxes combines the Mini, Small, Medium and Large Holiday stacking boxes in a delicious tower perfect for gifting! 


Contents Mini Stacking Box: 

2 oz Gingerbread

2 oz Joyful Cranberries

2 oz Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

2 oz Pecan Pie

2 oz Simply Salted Caramel


Contents Small Stacking Box: 

8 oz Java Chip

8 oz Gingerbread 

12 oz Pecan Pie

White Chocolate Truffle Peanut Butter Popcorn


Contents Medium Stacking Box: 

2 oz S'more Dreams

2 oz Blissful Blueberry

8 oz White Chocoalte Truffle 

8 oz Peanut Butter Cup 

8 oz Pecan Pie

12 oz Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

12 oz Totally Toffee


Contents Large Stacking Box: 

2 oz Simply Salted Caramel

2 oz Peanut Butter Cup 

2oz Totally Toffee

8 oz Gingerbread

8 oz Joyful Cranberries

8 oz Irresistible Pretzel 

8 oz Blissfull Blueberry

12 oz White Chocolate Truffle 

12 oz Pumpkin Spice 

Totally Toffee peanut butter popcorn 


*Ships November 1st

  • *Basket Design May Vary